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The 2019 Journal issue has been printed and shipped to eligible PHSNE members.1 Details of the issue follow:

2019 PHSNE Journal

2019 PHSNE Journal

By PHSNE - Photographic Historical Society of New England in PHSNE publications

40 pages, published 12/31/2019

The 2019 New England Journal of Photographic History, #177, features original research on one of the most iconic photographic portraits of all time: the unique daguerreotype of beloved poet Emily Dickinson, the only photographic image ever made of her. Two authors, John R. Felix and Susan Anderson, set out to solve two separate mysteries: when the portrait was made, thus identifying Dickinson's age at the time, and how it was that this daguerreotype seemed to vanish after Dickinson's death in 1886 for nearly sixty years? The research includes 1840s photographic technologies, fashion and social history, adultery, a family feud, secrets and near-death revelations. The answers will surprise you. The 2019 Journal also includes a camera collector's story of Irish good luck and timing, a life in photography, and a few of his favorite camera collecting finds. © 2019

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1. A run of the 2019 Journal was printed and shipped in early January 2020 to eligible members who had renewed, or joined, at the time the 2019 Journal was first printed. Members who renewed for the full September 2019 to August 2020 membership year, or new members who joined, during the months of January and February 2020 were shipped the 2019 Journal issue in mid-March 2020 with an additional print run. Members eligible to receive the printed Journal with their membership include paid-up members, Honorary Life and Life members, and Complimentary Exchange memberships with other photographic historical societies which provide a complimentary copy of their printed publications to PHSNE.

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