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Graphics Atlas is an online resource of the Image Permanence Institute that provides "print identification and characteristic exploration tools to archivists, curators, historians, collectors and the general public".
35 foot film camera goes on tour
Digital Media: Photography
The Camera Heritage Museum - antique cameras dating from the 19th century to modern times.
Graflex Speed Graphics & other classic and large-format cameras
Antique and 19th Century Cameras - Expert source for dating 19th century photographs
Stereo New England
Wood and Brass, British wood and brass cameras before 1914, 137 shown
The Daguerreian Society
American Photography Museum
Western Photographic Historical Society
Photographic Historical Society Rochester NY
Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society
Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives
Camera Shopper Magazine
Antique Photography Auctions
Marti Jones, collectibles
Collectible Cameras Dick Bolt's collection of Photo History web pages, salt prints, dags, old trolley photos, cameras, etc. Smithsonian Photographs Online World Wide Arts Resources  The Camera Company, Norwood MA CANON CAMERA MUSEUM NICE-TO-KNOW CAMERA ADDRESSES The Royal Photographic Society: A History of Photography from its beginnings untill the 1920s Kodak Homepage The Magic Lantern Castle Museum  member Jack Judson. Oregon State University Archives Homepage Photoshopper Collectible Cameras Tutorials Professional Old-Time Tintype Parlors Shutterbug Magazine Homepage Mr. Butkus' site of some 1500+ free camera manuals.  Including many unusual booklets on antique lenses, old camera sales booklets / advertisements.