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How to Maintain and Repair a Camera
Michael Zacks
Sunday, May 1st 2016, 1:30 PM
Woman's Club Workshop, Newton Highlands MA 02461

Michael Zacks' face should be familiar to every member of the PHSNE community. He has been a PHSNE member and Photographica regular for many years. At the May 1 meeting Michael will appear at the podium to talk about a subject he knows well -- camera repair.

Michael Zacks traces his interest in photography back to age seven, and says he received his first actual camera, a Kodak plastic 620 box camera, shortly thereafter. His interest eventually became his vocation.

Over the years, Michael worked for several repair shops, small and large, before he started his own business, Zacks Camera Repair, in Providence, RI. In more than 40 years in the camera repair industry, Michael says he has worked on everything from antique manual cameras to today's digitals with multiple circuit boards, GPS, and WiFi. Michael says he prefers repairing the older analog equipment, as so much today is disposable and easily replaceable, but there's a limited amount of the "old stuff" being repaired.

He has some stories to to tell: "I've come across some unusual and weird things that have gone wrong with cameras, and I will share them during my PHSNE presentation."

Directions to the Woman's Club Workshop and a map are available at phsne.org/meetings.

~Adapted from snap shots & Email Newsletter

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