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Coming in March 2015:

50+ Things that Photoshop Learned from the Darkroom
Gordon Brown
Sunday March 1st, 1:30 PM
Woman's Club Workshop, 72 Columbus St., Newton Highlands, MA

Gordon Brown describes his information-packed presentation as follows: "This is a basic-to-intermediate program; it will describe just how much digital photo-editing programs such as Photoshop depended upon, and built upon, the conventional historical techniques used in the darkroom."

This program is for people who are familiar with digital photography techniques but may not know how some of them evolved. It will help users understand how their digital techniques evolved from the conventional darkroom techniques. Gordon will demonstrate these techniques in an easy-to-understand PowerPoint slide program. Handouts will be provided.

Gordon writes, "Adobe Photoshop has learned from the historical processes used in the darkroom, and added to them over the years. Generally, the first regularly used darkroom techniques that come to mind are: dodging, burning-in, cropping, resizing, changing contrast, etc. And most of these techniques are pictured in the Photoshop Control Panel. However, many more less-popular, and more-involved, techniques were used in the darkroom that required a bit more knowledge, expertise, and a great deal of experimentation and patience. Now, with digital, you can do things with the click of a mouse that used to take you days or weeks in the darkroom.

We will look at a myriad of techniques that Photoshop has 'borrowed' from the darkroom, that are now easier to do, and are relatively commonplace in the digital realm. We will even explain many of the more esoteric darkroom techniques that required greater effort and specialized knowledge such as: Solariztation, Sabatier effect, Bas Relief, Posterization, etc. We think that you will be surprised how many procedures that you currently use with relative ease in Photoshop were originally done in the darkroom with considerably more effort."

Among the 50+ techniques, besides those already mentioned, are color to black and white, dodging, vignetting, color filter changes, print tones and toners, hue/saturation and colorize, restoring old photographs combining images, changing color balance, burning-in, contrast changes, negatives and RAW files, sharpening an image, retouching and spotting, and creating archival photographic prints.

Gordon returns to PHSNE for this program, having presented Digital Photography BC to AD (Before Computers and After Digital) in October, 2008. Among many different roles during his 33 year tenure at the Eastman Kodak Company, Gordon worked in scientific photography where he managed scientific and black-and-white products. He has written several books on photography, consulted with Epson, NIK software, tested cameras for Nikon and Kodak, and holds patents on professional photo equipment. Since retiring from Kodak, he has been lecturing and giving weeklong workshops on photography, Photoshop, digital printing, and color management.

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Unearthed Treasures: The Street Photography of Vivian Maier
Karin Rosenthal
Sunday March 29th, 1:30 PM (Rescheduled from February.)
Woman's Club Workshop, 72 Columbus St., Newton Highlands, MA

Karin Rosenthal will pre-sent Unearthed Treasures: The Street Photography of Vivian Maier at the February PHSNE meeting. Vivian Maier's remarkable street photography took the world by storm in 2010 when a YouTube video went viral on the internet.

Maier herself never showed her work to anyone, but a storage locker default put it in the hands of others two years before her death. After she died, prints were produced and sold by two New York galleries. Books and videos have been created and Maier has become an international phenomenon.

Many complex issues have arisen in regard to the production and sale of her work, as well as her place in photographic history. Karin will discuss Maier's style and vision, placing her in the context of other photographers of her era, while also discussing some of the difficult issues that surround her life and work.

Karin Rosenthal is a fine art photographer and Resident Scholar at the Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center (WSRC). She initiated, co-curated, and did the programming for the exhibition Vivian Maier: A Woman's Lens at the WSRC in the fall of 2013. This presentation is based on the talk she gave in conjunction with the show, updated with some issues that have arisen since the show ended.

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Coming in April 2015:

Photographica 83 & Auction
Photographica April 11th & 12th, Saturday 9AM to 4PM & Sunday 9AM to 3PM
Auction April 11th, Saturday 4:30PM
Americal Center, 467 Main Street, Wakefield MA 01880

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Whitey Morange, PHSNE's President, has established a blog for items of PHSNE interest. In Whitey's words: "I will be posting things in a different way here; less formal, more newsy and personal. I hope it’s useful to someone but, if not, at least it keeps me off the streets, right?"

The blog supports comments by readers, so come and join in the discussion of photo history!

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